Our classic vinegar pickles range from basic cucumber pickles to vinegar-preserved seasonal highlights. While vinegar pickles are not probiotic, they host a whole slew of benefits in their own rite. The old bars always had jars of pickled boiled eggs to go with your Coors on tap- we don’t have a keg, but we’ve been known to have a couple beers in fridge. Swing by for a round of shuffleboard and a salty snack!

  • 76th st. garlic dills: standard cucumber pickle in garlic dill brine
  • bar harbor: 50/50 bread & butter/garlic dill (total crowdpleaser)
  • lime pickles: like bar harbors, but with lime zest instead of dill seed
  • reconsider: the habanero version of 76ths
  • nacho chips: jalapeños & carrots pickled for, well, your nachos
  • bdb bread & butter pickles: irresponsibly sweet b&bs
  • bread & butter jalapenos: just-about-candied jalapeños
  • giardiniere: garden-variety pickled veggie relish
  • buddy k’s beets: the pickled beet every grandmother makes
  • noma carrots: carrots in 76th brine (best bloody mary swizzle stick)
  • noma okra: okra in 76th brine
  • noma green beans: green beans in 76th brine
  • pickled brussels: brussels sprouts, pickled
  • pickled asparagus: bright & vegetal, tastes like spring
  • stay gold cauli pickles: cruciferous sunshine with ginger & turmeric
  • 24 carrots gold: coriander, carrots, & ginger
  • pint of pickled porter peaches: the flavor of oklahoma summer
  • dumb ass relish: spicy sweet jalapeño relish, great in potato salad
  • lbw carrot relish: shredded carrots, sweet & acidic
  • chow chow: your grandma made the best, but this ain’t bad

3 thoughts on “Pickles

    1. Hi Alicia! We have a shop on north Main in Owasso OK where we sell our ferments. We will be at the Tulsa farmers market this Saturday, January 16, from 8-11. It is in the east parking lot of the whole foods at 41 & Peoria in Tulsa.

      Our hours at the shop are random but you are welcome to stop in anytime there is a car out front! Or – let us know when you are coming and we can meet you.


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