Dale & Daughter is a small family fermentary specializing in items hand-crafted in small batches that are nourishing for the mind, body, & soul. From delicious, healthful & creative flavors of raw sauerkrauts, vegan kimchi, lacto- & vinegar-based pickles, condiments, probiotic tonics & the occasional sourdough to Genuine Oklahoma Souvenirs, our products are seasonally influenced & community-oriented.

We were founded in 2014 by Dale & Beverly Wissen, a kitchen-dabbler/retired lithographer & artist/retired teacher, respectively. In 2016, daughter Lacey Wissen returned from culinary training in Manhattan & Brooklyn, NY & Asheville, NC to join the team. Dale & Lacey spend their days hand-cutting vegetables, checking pH, making brine, sterilizing & packing jars, & gently giving each other a hard time. Dale is the genius behind the revolving variety of fermented mustards & hot sauces that are winning over the hearts of Okies & visitors alike. Beverly happily stays out of the kitchen, putting her energy into managing the books & creating artwork, including our logo & her newest concept of Genuine Oklahoma Souvenirs, which are designed to be affordable, high-quality, & representative of local culture, just like our ferments & pickles. Lacey, with an M.S. in Nutrition & Michelin-starred restaurant experience, does her best to make the microbiology & nutritional benefits of vegetable & sourdough fermentation delicious, approachable, & fun through social media & workshops. You can find the whole fam in action on Saturdays at the Tulsa Farmers Market! Our work is dedicated to respecting the time & space all good things in nature need to come to fruition! We hope you love it!

Our commercial kitchen is located in downtown Owasso, Oklahoma – 702 N Main (NOMA). It’s best to make an appointment, but if you’re in the neighborhood, swing by- if the lights are on come in!


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