Strange days

As we brace ourselves for this invisible storm, it is with a sense of duty that we continue to produce our pickles & ferments. If there has ever been a time in our lives to factor in the preventative potential of our food as a first line of defense, it is now. It’s hard to get people to think of food as medicine- to acknowledge that concept would also mean there’s a connection between our food choices & our state of health. An awareness of that connection infers responsibility for our own wellbeing, & let’s face it, ignorance is bliss- pass the Cheetos. It’s frustrating to watch people dismiss our ferments because they “don’t like sauerkraut” (when most often they’re hanging on to an old sense memory of mushy, cooked, canned sauerkraut that is in no way comparable to the vibrant, crunchy, probiotic krauts we’re offering), or they “don’t know what to do with it” (when, at the most basic level, it’s literally a matter of just eating it straight from the jar). While sauerkraut is super-versatile, as a condiment, side, or way to add acid, salt, & crunch to a dish, the blue ribbon benefits of keeping kraut in daily dietary rotation have to do with health. Whether you buy it from us or make it yourself, please hear this now: Sauerkraut is ANTI-VIRAL, ANTI-BACTERIAL, PREBIOTIC, PROBIOTIC, HIGH IN VITAMINS C & K, & A GOOD SOURCE OF ELECTROLYTES. If you haven’t already, it’s an awfully good time to get hip to fermentation. There are plenty of resources online for making your own, & if you’d like to support local business & leave it to the pros, please check out free, no minimum deliver from Prairie Creek, or pick up in Tulsa at Blue Moon Cafe & at Joe’s Farm in Bixby. Also available from Conscious Community Coop & Urban Agrarian in Edmond in OKC. Please, Okies, stay safe, stay kind, & EAT YOUR MEDICINE!

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