Hand crafted in small batches

In a world of too much information we tend to not think about all we see. The title of this blog is our byline and appears on every label. It begs explaination. So – let’s break it down.

Hand crafted. Every vegetable, fruit, nut, seasoning, each piece of equipment, is hand picked by Dale or Beverly. We clean, cut, slice, dice, mix, and jar all things created in our commercial kitchen on No. MAin in Owasso. The two of us do it all – we are our own inventor, creator, buyer, accountant, marketer, seller, painter, designer and dishwasher.

In small batches. Our one pound crocks hold, maybe, seven jars of kraut. Seven. Seven Tatas for market on Saturday. Dale starts the fermenting process again every Sunday. Most krants take a week to get the ph and the crunch right. Kimchi? Y’all like it and the shooters so we use a #5 crock.

Every week. Every day. Hand crafted in small batches. Come see.

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