9.11.15 It’s a beautiful morning. Tomorrow’s market will be invigorating. We will get up by five a.m. and jump into our comfy and warm layers. We hit the ice machine, pack up at the shop, set up on Cherry Street, and share kimchi shooters with our neighbors with wishes of good health and prosperity. Then we wait. We are so excited to see our favorite boys, the beautiful little ones with their parents and grandparents, and especially  former students. Amazing.
Then there are the repeat customers that come bearing our empty jars in trade, and to buy their favorites or try our latest creation. Amazing.

And new folks brave in trying something new, learning, experiencing and being as enthusiastic as our rowdiest ferments. Amazing.

Edible Tulsa September/October 2015 1st anniversary edition – “The Alchemy of Pickling: Fermentation is magic in the hands of Scissortail Provisions” by Sarah Szabo and photos by Carlotta Tiews. Amazing.

We are amazed and honored. Thank you for believing in us.  

owasso pears become fr steve’s fermented chutney

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