Wind, rain and joy

fermented duckThis little sprite reminds us of the goodness of all kinds of weather at winter market. To OUR great joy, this little one loves fermented veggies!

Speaking of fermented veggies – we just returned from a fermentation festival in Austin hosted by the Texas Farmers Market. Cider, yeast, kefir, bread, mead, yogurt and tepache classes were offered. We attended fruit vinegar fermentation with Kate Payne, sauerkraut with Lawrence Kocurek and, our favorite, kimchi with Abbi Lunde of Oh Kimchi. Of course, “fermentation revivalist” Sandor Katz was on hand for the event. We came away enlightened and excited with new information to keep moving forward with Scissortail Provisions. (One day in the near future will be pages full of lovely products!)

We enjoyed the warmth of family while in Texas. Hugs, laughter and a loving forehead kiss from sweet baby James touched our hearts. The sleety ride home found us stopping at Lovera’s Market in Krebs Oklahoma.  We spent an hour with owner Sam (born on the second floor of the market). Rather magical to try several of his house made cheeses (from the Jersey cows down the road) after coming from the festival in Austin. Thank you Sam for sharing and espresso.




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