it was a dark and rainy morning

The alarm went off at 5 AM while cool, damp air seeped through an open window. We could blow off market and go back to sleep. But the car is loaded, our clothes laid out. Better yet – if market is closed then we go to breakfast!!

And – market is definitely open.  By the time we move the orange cones and back in to unload, the Blakely family has already set up plants and Teri’s food truck lights are on.  And the rain came. And then it left. The sun rose, the runners bounced through and very slowly the true market fans came by. My Dad’s Salsa even showed up.

good for you
good for you

Fermentation is on our board now. The sauerkraut is fresh and crunchy and smart. (At home we pair it with Blakely brats, Tofurky Beer Brats and Dale’s crunchy potato pancakes.)

A very satisfying surprise is fermented CARROTS!! How fun to see the light in the eyes of our tasters on Cherry Street. Honey Beets and Pineapple Chutney, Cherry Street Hot and gorgeous fruit vinegars add flavorful depths to the table.

This will be the last Cherry Street Market of the season. We will move to the Winter Market at 41st and Peoria. Thank you for checking in. Thank you for not being afraid of cold and rain.


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    1. Thanks for checking us out. Just up and running and you’re our official first comment 🙂 May repost your Dr Lipman article. I think it’s great!

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