in the beginning


In the beginning there was a prairie girl from Oklahoma and a Texan from Austin who grew up in the 60s. They met at their jobs in a printing company – she in the art department and he in the camera room. They became a couple and spent their lives working full time jobs in order to support their family and the American dream. They grew a lovely daughter, created a comfortable home front, catered to several pets and loved their family. They grew older and began to think there might be something more to do with their lives. Perhaps a little business? What with his love of gardening and cooking, her love of design, and the daughters love of fine dining, perhaps the mix might evolve into something to share with our community. And evolving it is, with experimentation in pickling and fermentation, local produce and a little time to play. Cherry Street Farmers Market this Saturday. We’d love to see you there.



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